Monique Boudreau - 2019

+1 438-887-1109  -  Qc, CA  

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Artist statement

"The colors of life are not the same for everyone and its nuances are complex."  Monique Boudreau 


Salvador Dali's paranoid-critical method and René Magritte's impenetrable enigmas influence Monique Boudreau's production. 


In search of introspection, the painter tries to unveil the taboos concerning the mental barriers that confuse perception and interpretation. 


Since her youth, she has wondered and likes to analyze the human being as much in her strength as in her fragility. It is also on this point and a questioning on what happens to our planet that supports its artistic approach​.

She represents in painting her look at the environmental and psychological torments that can blacken the conscience. To achieve this, she uses a variety of materials such as acrylic medium, spray paint, mortar paste, paper mache, and sometimes even Paverpol, when she wants to achieve sculptural effects. 

With this combination of mixed processes, she creates movement and shapes are pronounced. Sometimes fragmented, these guide passages to connect to multidimensional experiences. 

The colors used are contrasted, light and transparency are omnipresent. 

In her works, Monique Boudreau offers the spectator an escape into the abyss of the imaginary.