"A work of art is like music; it’s a journey into emotion. What matters in the end is how you felt. "- Monique Boudreau  



This original artist was born in the sixties in Montreal. Her talent was noticed at an early age and she was called upon to flesh out banners and cover pages for publications of various events, both in primary and high school.


Despite her desire to develop the spark that shines in her, it was on the insistence of her parents that she studied marketing at Cegep Rosemont. With this diploma, she has various companies over the years, but this little flame never died. While juggling her life as an entrepreneur and a mom, she follows different artistic trainings. In her thirties, it’s in a workshop that she learned how to mix colors and began her first oil paintings. A few years later, Raymond Létourneau also marked her journey with living models workshops. The fast modifying positions shakes the artist to learn how to execute charcoal sketches more quickly.


It is towards the end of her forties that she takes the bull by the horns and returns to school. She enrolled at the Montreal Academy of Arts and Design (AADMTL) and takes an intensive class in interior architectural design. She has good grades, but she also has a revelation that will put an end to this new motion; "I just want to be an artist and create". After some research, her choice lands on René Milone. His tutorials exploring different techniques and his versatile knowledge of various mediums makes him the ideal teacher. While following his workshops, Monique extends her training with other talented artists such as Antoine Bittar - impressionist painter, Marie-Andrée Couture - collagist painting artist and Martine Letourneau – sculptor


Her first exhibition takes place at Atelier René Milone in June 2013. It’s followed by the exhibition "Le salon des Arts Visuels de Brossard" in April 2015 and then at "Plaisir d'Artistes de Montréal" in May 2015. She wins a "Mention of Excellence" from the jury in 2016 for the Césure international competition. It didn’t take more then this to give her wings and since then, she goes from one exhibition to the next every year and participates in competitions. In 2020, she does her first solo exhibition and her first symposium and, in order to propel her career, her last training focuses on entrepreneurship for the visual arts, given by the Quebec Ministry of Education through Zoom. Academy.


Overlapping the two concepts, her art carries a powerful environmental and psychological message. Mixed techniques are often used to clarify what she wants to express.

She has the privilege of working from her workshop in her home located on the South Shore of Montreal. Living fully and taking time for her family and friends, her days are mainly filled by her art.  She wishes to touch the hearts of people, awaking them while amazing them.

Monique Boudreau - 2019

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