Monique Boudreau - 2019

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Born and raised in Montreal, this original artist grew up in a heavily populated area where strange things would often happen to her. Her parents, with good intentions, kind of isolated her and she was mostly surrounded by adults. At a young age, older people (teachers, people met briefly on the street...) would share stories of their lives with her. She treasured those stories as experiences she would not necessarily be able to live herself because she felt everyone was unique.

This aspect of her childhood maybe the reason why her art represents the struggle of the human soul.

Growing up among adults was often lonely, but it also made her feel she did not belong with people of her own age. As a result, she started drawing and exploring different art forms. At school, she could be found drawing during classes. Discovering her talent, she was asked to draw portraits, to promote public events, etc,...

When the time came to make a career choice, she was confronted with two options. One of those options was psychology due to a nickname given to her in high school - « the psychologist » - because she was always trying to guide people whenever they confided in her. The second was to be a graphic artist where her artistic side could enjoy imagining different approaches for advertising and, of course, drawing. 

Drawing at 16 years of age

Unfortunately, she was discouraged by her parents on both counts. Beeing  protective as they were, they felt that if she was to become a psychologist, she would be drawn into the sadness of the those she wanted to help. As for a career in graphic art, it would mean going to an art school where « sex, drug and rock’n roll » ruled. It was out of the question ! Had it not been for her mother's struggle with cancer, she would have defied her parents and chosen one of her two passions. Not wanting to disappoint her parents nor make the situation worse, she opted for what she felt was the next best thing - marketing. It was a field that required a bit of imagination.

Struggling with her own health issues and having been faced with financial difficulties, she has been able to cope with the help of her wonderfully supportive husband who has been by her side through thick and thin. She is the proud mother of two sons who have grown up and created lives of their own. One of whom has blessed her with three grandchildren!

portrait of a teacher executed

 at 17 years of age 

Through the years (money and health permitting), she would stay in touch with art by taking private art classes with artists.Her first class was to learn how to mix colors; an area she had yet to explore. You can see her style coming into focus with a painting she created at the time.

 oil painting titled ''creation evolutive''

She was one of the few and fortunate to meet with artist Raymond Létourneau who gave a limited series of private classes where she would learned how to "capture the moment". Students had only minutes to draw nude models who would change positions after short periods of time.

rapid charcoal drawing of a naked man

In her late forties she decided to go back to school as she join a crash course in architectural design. After gathering excellent scores in art classes, she was struck by a revelation; « I just want to be an artist ». Now that she knew what she wanted to do, it was a question of how to get there.

realisation at Academy of Art & Design in Montreal

After some research, she finally found a teacher with versatility in many mediums. René Milone had been teaching for decades to beginners and professionals alike. His special tutorials exploring different areas and techniques was just what Monique needed to gain enough confidence in herself to get started. In addition, she also attended different workshops to further diversify her knowledge. For example: impressionist Antoine Bittar, and the exploration of collage painting with Marie-Andrée Couture.

This is when this late bloomer began to share her art at expositions. Her first was at Atelier René Milone at her teacher’s workshop in June of 2013. This was followed by the art expositionat “Le salon des Arts Visuels of Brossard” in April of 2015 and then at “Plaisir d’Artistes of Montreal” in May of 2015.

In 2016, she entered one of her pieces in an art contest with Césure (an art website) Where she received a "Mention of excellency" from the jury.

Her lastest expotion took place in Laprairie, Québec in November of 2017. A highly respected expotion that the city has been hosting for the last twenty five years.

Living a full life, going to the gym at least four times a week, making time for family and friends, her days are now driven mainly by her art, hoping to touch other people’s hearts. When asked about why she paints, her answer is: “ In the crazy world we live in, the heavy workload brought on by the need to get things done always faster, peer pressure is a reality for most of us. As a result, medication is taken by more and more people just to get by. I want my art to be an expression of that inner struggle, to get a glimpse of what you could feel or express what cannot be said. Finally, I wish to make everyone see life in a better light.”